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May 26 2019

Decelera Menorca – Startup Decelerator 5th Edition

Deceleration Methodology

A unique program developed and organised by Decelera, where Startups can escape from the routine and day-to-day, get inspired and enhance creativity with the help of top international Experience Makers, and focus on the next steps to improve their business model.

2018 program brought 70 top Experience Makers from around the World to help Startups rethink and focus on the next steps to grow with a sustainable perspective.

Past programs brought top Investors, from Business Angels to VCs and Family Offices, to have quality 1:1 sessions with all startups to validate their business model and create investment opportunities.


Led by 2nd Time Entrepreneurs.

Early stage companies that aim to operate globally, solving relevant problems in target markets worth +1Bn€.

Innovative projects based on disruptive technologies and aligned with at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Startups preparing their next financing round (Seed or Series A).

Have a tested MVP with solid metrics.