5 best sustainable restaurants
in Menorca

Slow food, organic and with local produce.


Menorca Cuisine

1.  Tast de Na Silvia - Ciutadella

Es Tast de Na Silvia is many things. But it is three things above all others: local and seasonal produce and affection, a lot of affection.

Behind the stoves is chef Silvia Anglada, whose love for cooking comes from a very, very young age. As a child she always watched carefully how her grandmother and mother cooked, and she spent her summers running through the family garden, among vegetables and fruit trees.

She opened Es Tast de Na Silvia, a place where she can capture those memories and recover the great forgotten recipes of traditional Menorcan cuisine.

In the room we find Toni Tarragó, the other half of Es Tast de Na Silvia. Toni is the restaurant manager and Silvia's fundamental supporter. Without him, the restaurant would be incomplete

At Es Tast de Na Silvia, the menu is designed every day. Silvia and Toni go to the market in the morning and choose the product they like the most and the ones recommended by their trusted providers. When you sit down at the table, ask Silvia and Toni for the menu of the day and the chef's suggestions.

Es Tast de Na Silvia is the only restaurant in the Balearic Islands certified Slow Food and K.m.0 and part of Menorca Biosphere Reserve.

That means that all ingredients come from local producers, and that just as the product reaches the restaurant, the menu is prepared. Only in this way it is possible to respect the product and cook dishes with ingredients that are at their optimum flavour point.



2.  Rels - Ciutadella

From love for tradition to new gastronomy.

Rels is is going back to the roots to create a present that drinks from local products and is enhanced by the daring in the kitchen.

It is the main chef Joan Bagur's passion to get the best out of each of the products with which he fills the market basket.


3.  El Romero - Maón

In order to offer a unique experience around a table, Fabio and Francesca prepare their Mediterranean dishes with love and care: a fish and seafood restaurant with a touch of creativity and digressions towards the vegetable garden where authentic and delicious flavors are hidden.

They change the menu according to the seasonality of the products from sea and land and it is through this collaboration with the local fishermen and farmers that they search the roots of a sustainable, healthy and proximity cuisine.

100% Gluten-free Restaurant. Through the special care we take to eliminate any trace of cross contamination we have become a “Gluten-free restaurant” recognized by FACE and Celíacs de Catalunya and our entire menu is suitable for coeliacs.

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4.  Sa Llagosta - Fornells

David Coca is in charge of this gem where marine fauna reigns and antique techniques are also applied to the catches of the island.

It is impossible not to praise the excellent treatment of lobster, seasonal fish and the commitment to loca and organic products.

Its lobster is from the port of Fornells, the birthplace of the lobster stew. Baked, au gratin with allioli, grilled, boiled, Andalusian, with onion, with civet, with rice. It is a must in Menorca.

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5.  Smoix

The delicacy of the spaces, the personal touch and the proximity of the chef and the head of the room with the diners makes everyone feel an accomplice in this project.

Perhaps the three elements that best define Smoix's cuisine are the seasonal product –with a certain fondness for legumes, the great forgotten of haute cuisine–, the chef's way of preparing and combining flavors and aromas and the industrial aesthetic that embraces the entire room.

Smoix offers a changing menu according to the season of the year and the calendar that mark the nature of the products that are offered in it. From midday or theme menus to a tasting of the best dishes on the menu.

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